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"Cartoons "

Cartoons and humoristic illustrations on Fashion victims
Author: Cyrille_Jubert,

Exhibiting in Knokke le Zoute, the very fashionable seaside resort in Belgium, I discovered a place where everyone was wearing very showy fashion clothes of the most famous trade marks. There you go on the beach with a Burberry's bathing suit. You lye on a Hermes towel with Chanel sun glasses on the nose. Your beach bag is signed Louis Vuitton,.. scarf, beach umbrella, shoes, T-shirt, everything has to be signed with the most showy trademarks.

Inspired by all the flamish fashion's victims from Knokke le Zoute and elesewhere, I painted some humoristic drawings. In these comics or cartoons, Burberry is everywhere on the clothes line

Ladies bestiary

Men 's Bestiary
Super Heros
new fashion on the clothes line
The team has been washed out
Fashion in the skin