The Dogs portraits Gallery
This Dogs portraits Gallery is dedicated to dogs portraits in Cyrille Jubert 's watercolor paintings.
Among these dog portraits, his very first dog portrait, the Jack Russell terrier (1997) and at the bottom of the page, his last dog portraits, where dogs are painted in scenes staging their masters' s hobby. From the begining, these watercolor portraits were painted in a superrealistic style rather unusual in watercolour. They seem to be oil on canvas.
In the "guided tour" of The Dog Museum, the painter tells you with a great humour the stories of these dog portraits and reveals enlarged details of these dog pictures.
Then you will commission me your dog portrait .
Jack Russell watercolor portraits

Click on each jack russell in these dog portraits to acceed to an enlarged picture and its humorous story
but it is more fun to follow the humorous "Guided Tour"
Labrador retrievers watercolor portraits
Click to enlarged picture and read its story, but it is more fun to follow the "Guided Tour"
Pet dog portraits
Dachshund portrait watercolor lesson Princesse de Chimay springer portrait
Graphite pencil portraits
Click to enlarged picture and read its humorous story
You have better to start with the first drawing
Visit the collector's Dog Paintings
The guided tour starts with the pet portraitist story You will soon understand that the guide has a great humour. In one page, he tells you how he became a painter. Then, how he got his first dog portrait on commission. and then a lot of dogs portraits, mainly jack russel terriers and labradors retrievers but also hunting hounds. The painter wanted to enlarge his subjects and started dogs paintings : "The hunter's dog", "the falconer's dog ", "the naughty jack", "the fisherman's dog", "the pet's plot" and his very last dog painting "the stag hunter's dog"
Beside of his watercolour portraits and paintings, Cyrille Jubert loves drawing portraits with graphite pencils. Read his course from his first portrait of a Lady, his dachshund, hunting hounds, poodle, berger-picard. A few family portraits, mostly children sketched with their pets.

last update 10-12-2006