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" Portraits of Jack Russell Terriers"
Veronique introduced me once to a gentleman, whose hobby was to breed parson & Jack russell terriers. When he invited me to his home, I discovered the walls of his house covered with portraits of his favorite Jack Russell terriers.
Parson & Jack Russell terriers everywhere. This man could become a really good client ! So, I took a lot of photographs of all his dogs, even of the puppies in the kennels.
I painted 3 puppy portraits of them, but he commissioned me only for this parson jack russell "Empress".
When the bitch assumed this pose, I knew at once it could become a wonderful painting. I took at least ten pictures, focusing on the muzzle, the ears, the chest and the tail. In order to have all the details that were lacking when I painted my first jack russell portrait "Sir Macho". With this sun shining, the light was really excellent.
When I had a look at my photographs a few days later, I noticed that the bitch had either great big eyes, much too sweet and gentle looking, just like Bambi, or, on the contrary, her eyes were closed to protect herself from the sharp light, which gave her a disquieting look. I painted this dog portrait between these two attitudes and the result was strikingly close to the truth.
At the end, I didn't sell my painting to that client. We couldn't agree on the rate. Since that day, IÕve been asking for half the price up front, so there couldn't be any surprise at the end.
In may 98, when I exhibited for the second time at the Paris Country-show, I was very proud to see the owner of a famous art gallery, spend 30 minutes in front of this realistic dog portrait. The year before, he had only spent 30 seconds looking at my entire stand. His art gallery used to exhibit the greatest North American hyper-realist wildlife painters. Notice that they use oil when I use watercolor, the most difficult technique. Many artists tell me I'm crazy to choose the most difficult path. I don't change because I'm rather proud of my technique.
In november, exhibiting in Compiègne, I saw a man fascinated by this parson jack russell's portrait "The Empress". Discreetly, I approached him. "Tell me how much I owe you",he said,"I'm buying it". And while we were getting friendly, he told me that this dog was the exact portrait of his brother's favourite pet dog. Therefore he wanted to offer it to him. When he told me his family name, I discovred that he was, indeed, my client's brother. Small world ! At the end, he never offered the painting to his brother, because he fell deeply in love with it before and kept it for himself.
I do understand him, I am still in love with "Empress".
I shall buy it back one day... when I grow up.
"I Love", this strange Jack Russell terrier who is all ears, was born in the same kennel as "Empress".
I dont dare say who was this dog's owner : he is the King of aperitif wines and alcohol in France. Well ! His name is as famous in France as Guiness is in the UK !
His wife, Corinne, received my invitation card with my first jack russell terrier's portrait on the front page. She loved my painting and came at once to see me and place a commission for her dog's portrait.
A few weeks later, I went to their magnificent town house to take a few photos of her pet dog.
"I love" seemed tired or really bored and I knew I could not paint an interesting portrait of her like this. We were in the garden, I was lying on the ground with my camera in front of the Jack Russell, hoping for any event to get the dog out of this sad mood. All at once, the sun shone through the clouds, illuminating the Jack Russell as a spot-light and, at the same time, someone rang at the gate. Instantly, the bitch woke up and her ear pricked up in this funny way. I knew that I had a great snapshot.
To take a good photograph of a dog, you need a good camera, good light, many films, a great amount of patience and an unexpected event. Read all my advice to take great professional photographs, it can be useful for you if you want to keep the best photo portraits of your dog. The link to this page is on the front page.

You can see that I painted the fur in a very realistic manner, hair by hair, hilight by hilight, shadow by shadow. On this dog portrait, I tried to paint the stone step. Indeed, It looks like stone, doesn't it ? That was a good point for me. That meant that I was perhaps able to paint anything around the dog,. I had to imagine a decor more interesting than the simple reality. This idea was slowly ripening in my mind, and you will see the results soon. You must keep in mind that this dog portrait had been painted only 18 months after my very first watercolor attempt.
Yes ! you're right ! I agree it wasn't so bad for a beginner.

One day, when I have some time between two portraits on commission, I shall paint this Jack Russell terrier again but with a different background. Perhaps on the theme of music, with an old phonograph in front of her... perhaps on the theme of debate, with different dogs discussing. It could be fun too. This is just a rather basic dog portrait, when you take a look at my dog paintings on the following pages, you will understand exactly what I intend to paint.

Years after, I 'm still painting Jack Russell portraits. I drove twice to Brussels to take photos of this one. Both time, it was pooring! I had luck the second time, when I arrived in the house, the sun shined through the clouds about 4 minutes. I rushed in the garden and took a few great photos.
This jack has been delivered on september 2005.

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