Kids portraits with their dog

You allready know, that if you slide your "mouse" or pointer on the image, you will discover a new image hidden underneath. You can try it there.
Under this drawing portrait of Christophe and his pet dog, you will find the graphite pencil portrait of Edmond. Both have Jack russel terrier in their arms.
Christophe is extravert and Edmond more discrete, that is why he is hidden in the background.

On Wetcanvas, my favorite artists forum, I wrote a long thread comparing these two portraits and characters. The smiles or the glances of the kids and her pets. It is an interesting exercice.. I will write again here some days, but I dont want to bores you, Ô charming passer-by ....

I love drawing. Portraits are so elegant with pencils. It is a strong and fine technique which does not allow any mistake. I consider that you cannot have any "remorse" that means that I never allow me to erase a pencil stroke. I think that anyone could see it and it is bad for the paper. I allways draw on the same Arches hotpressed paper 300g/m2
As I want to stay in my subject, I try to draw just dogs or kids with their pets. I hate to draw many kids with one dog. It is impossible to get one good photo where each child and the dog are perfect. And if you try to take this face here and that one from another photo, the artist knows that the perspectives or light will not be perfect. And I hate to deliver drawings which are not perfect to my eyes. So please, dont give me anymore commissions for multiple kids portraits.

Here is one of the three bloodstone drawings I have ever sketched. I had the portrait of this young lady to draw on commission, but she was so photo-shy that I could not get any good photo of her. At the end, I told it was finished and we had a drink with her mother. While we were talking, the dog came in her arms and I told her I was going to take photos of the dog, just the dog. That way I took great photos of her.
I was supposed to draw a pencil portrait, but just for fun I tryed bloodstone first. I was so glad with this drawing that I showed it to my clients and they loved it too. So I never drew the graphite pencil version.