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WetCanvas My favourite artists forum - find my threads and my articles
Stroke of Genius High level portrait artists forum
Scribble talk A forum with very good graphite pencils artists
Nature artists 500 top quality Animal Artists website
StarvingArtists Gallery  
Wildlife Art Link Links to about 500 wildlife artists sites
Birmingham Watercolor Birmingham Watrcolor Society
Portraits HQ Every kind of Portrait A wide link to artists websites
Annuart Annuaire Français de sites de peintres ou artistes
Net-Art Italy an Italian gate to art ... a real italian mess ;-) Art site and toplist
  Wwar bof
ArtandDesignonline Huge website with online portfolio
L.A.A. League of Animal Artists
YourArtLink Huge Art related website Art site
Künst Links Interesting Gate to the German Art market
Art Navigator Perhap's a gate to German an Russian Art world
Art Reproductions Oil Painting Reproductions of Old Masters, Art Reproductions Hand Painted on Canvas.
Fine Art Oil reproductions Oil Painting Reproductions of Old Masters Hand Painted on Canvas
France Art Realisation Un site très riche d'artistes et de créateurs français
Pet Artists
Cyrille Jubert Le Chien en Majesté aquarelle, encres et crayons -Watercolor masterpieces
François Spreux Chat, perlipopette ! quelle qualité! Wonderful cat portraits
Stephane Alsac de très belles aquarelles de chiens dans l'esprit de Danchin
Melanie Phillips A fine traditional pet portraitist from UK (oil and pastel)
Debbie Richmond the most refreshing colors with a loose touch for strong animal painting
Justine Osborne Strong personal style for huge decorative portraits (UK)
Leanne Beasley Artful portraits in graphite and color pencils (Australia)
Cori Salomon Pet portraits with a special touch of Cecil Aldin (USA)
Geoffrey Martin The great pet portraitist in Alberta (Canada)
Karen Harnell The most classic brittish watercolour pet portraits (UK)
Stella Violano Naive and charming pet paintings (USA)
Amanda Brown Classical pet portraits in oil, graphite or coloured pencils (UK)
Tamara Burnett Californian pet portraitist with fine classical watercolor
Cathrin McMillan Really fine Australian pastel pet portraits
Sandra Palme Classical pet portraits in graphite pencils or pastel (UK)
Colette Theriault Wonderful nature graphite and pastel drawings
Carol Denn Modern & contemporary oil portraits (Monaco)
Tracy Hall a magician in watercolour (flowers and pets) (Scotland)
Joep Buijs Contemporary colorful pet portraits- a must to see- (NL)
Marie Ange Grabau Great drawings and interesting pet paintings (Roma)
Connie Bowen More than an artist or an author, Connie is a spring of joy (oregon)
Lorraine Gray Talented pet portraitist in pastel (UK)
Julie Palmer Interesting pet portraits in oil or pastel (England)
Sally Lancaster human & pet dog and cat portraits in acrilyc (UK)

Stroke of Genius High level portrait artists forum
Visit Paris impressionist paintings showing Paris Monuments
David Poxon Great Superrealistic watercolour paintings
Burlacu Ion Wonderful Flowers and landscapes in impressionistic style
S Gallery Superrealistic and impressionist russian paintings
Leon Engelen Oil paintings photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques
les aquarellistes Lyonnais Groupe d'aquarellistes lyonnais : de beaux talents
Catherine Michel Aquarelliste française, cours et stages
Scribble talk A forum with very good graphite pencils artists
Mike Sibley Graphite pencils drawings
  Marc Houde North American wildlife drawings
Monika Stattner Great graphite and pastel portraits (California)
Joy Beckner Bronze dachshund scuptures
Cary Van Dansik Equine bronze sculptures
Florence Jacquesson Sculpteur animalier - French sculptor

Dog Directory provides website listings, dog information.
Focus on dogs Latest news about pets - interesting and clean
Canine Collectibles

A real website and magazine

Dogomania A rich website dog related
Border Collie Museum  
Labrador Forums  
Oz Show dogs

"Oz Show Dogs, Your All Dog Breed Community Forum and Directory."

Affenpinscher dog breed The cute, adorable small sized Affenpinscher is a lovable play dogs, visit us.
Chien Magazine Magazine et forum suisse "le chien"
Furty annuaire Moteur de recherche d'aniwa
Journal du chien Journal du chien: infos et actualités canines
Dog Training Collar

Dog training collars and thousands of other discount pet supplies. Shop and compare our pet store prices. Shop for a training collar for your dog

Dogs shopping
Gifts4petowners Highest quality pet store - not so common on the net !!
Nextdaypets A rich and elegant canine website

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The Dog Museum : amazing Dog Portraits

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Chasse Passion Forums de chasseurs passionnés
Chasse-en-Baie-de-Seine Forum de bécassiniers et sauvaginiers de la Baie de Seine
High shooting birds  
  Scolopax Rusticola chasse à la bécasse (italie) caza de becadas - hunting woodcock in italy
Ressources for Webmasters
Starting Point Search Engine and promotion tool
Exact seek Excellent outil - Briliant tool
KwMap un outil intelligent de référencement, a clever tool for SE
AddMe AddMe - Search Engine Optimization
All Links Web search engine
Gratuit annuaire Annuaire francophone
Cyber annuaire Annuaire francophone
Franco-surf Annuaire francophone
Ref position un bon outil de référencement en français ou en anglais
1001 annuaires l'annuaire des annuaires francophones
Gratuit-free Annuaire francophone
Wabee Annuaire francophone
Oozap Annuaire francophone
Alternato Annuaire francophone
NetMechanic Power tool for webmaster
B-Annuaire .be Annuaire belge francophone
Ref position english free submit tool
Les webs Annuaire francophone
Annuaire Moteurs Annuaire francophone
Cipinet Search Engines
Pas-un-euro Annuaire francophone
Ref-gratuit Free French Search Engines tool
Bobzy Annuaire francophone
Annuaire2site Annuaire francophone
Aquitaweb Annuaire francophone Aquitaine
Gratuirama Annuaire francophone
Kouaa Annuaire francophone
Ladenise Annuaire francophone gratuit
Infoseek Search Engines
Guide Annuaire Search Engines combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory
Zevarti - a convenient interface to ten types of search.
english flag Wordalus Wordalus - online dictionary

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Pet Portraitists 80 K9 artists from around the world
Artistes Russes interesting links from Russia and CEI
Arts fantastiques  
D for Dogs  
Ultimate Pet Topsites    
Top Gallery    
Ashbey Photos    
I Love Dog    
German Pet store a gate to germany Art site and toplist
hyperrealisme topsite of photorealist and hyperrealist painters
La Plume Ornithologie elucubratoire - délires amusants -
Les chiffons de Maggy des créations superbes dans des tissus anciens
Life-recorded Pets online cemetery
Sites Perso
Awakanshihtzuart Site perso sur les shitzu awakan
Pet portraitists on the web