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"Hunting Hounds Studies"

I painted once those hunting hounds on commission many times.
Later, I gave a watercolor lesson, showing how to paint a study of whites There ...
Here, I created studies of the same subject, using different drawing techniques : graphite, indian ink, sepia, tinting ...
The paper is always the same: Arches hot pressed 130 lb - size 9" x 12"

Indian Ink
As in Japanese paintings, the hounds are drawn with a brush and indian ink.
Did you notice that Japonese don't paint shadows and volume.
The pleasure is to play with the pressure of the brush on the paper to create thin and thick lines in the same curve. size 9" x 12"

Graphite pencils
I drew again the dogs with very shap pencils. I added contrast and shaddows. I used mostly 4H and 3H for the outlines. I did the background first with a 4H graphite pencil and added a darker shade in HB. Together it gave this interesting grain. size 9" x 12"


Indigo monochrome tinting
Everything here is painted in indigo, more or less diluted. I thought it would have been easy and quick... not at all! It took me 2 days.
I 'm very happy with the background on the left. With a large brush, I painted the bush and the leaves using clear water. Then I came back with the same large brush using very diluted pigments. I learned something. size 9" x 12"


Pen drawing with Sepia
Using a drawing pen and sepia ink, this version looks like an engraving or an etching. Is n't it interesting ?
It was a very long work. I 'm not used to draw with a pen and this one was scratching the paper. But I love the result.
I used a brush to paint the background. Sepia does n't like water so much. size 9" x 12"

Watercolor with a red background
The hounds are painted just in shades of white. Originally, the background was painted with two layers of vermillon red acrylic. But each time I asked to my (very) close friends their advice, the very diplomatic answers were : "it's red!!"
I came back to my brushes and added a layer of alizarin with a little bit of indigo and burnt sienna.
It gave a beautiful and very flaming italian stucco ! size 9" x 12"
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Indian ink and colored background
The same exercice as the Japonese drawing with indian ink with a red background. It seems now closer to "mangas" size 9" x 12"
Yellow tinting
Just one pigment, chrome yellow deep, more or less diluted. The black of the eyes and the truffles have been drawn again with a graphite pencil. If you click on one of the images below to see it enlarged, you 'll see how the fur and the shadows has been drawn with my brush as with the drawing pen in the sepia version.
The background has been painted in two times when the dogs were finished. A light watery layer, first, and then when it was really dry I laid the bushes, just adding coloured water drops. Amusing isn't it ?. size 9" x 12"
Red Chalk
I suffered. I like to draw fine details, but with red chalk, you hate to be rougher. You give strokes and they have to be right. It 's nearly impossible to sharpen this damn smooth chalk. It's closer to lipstick than to a pencil
I was very upset with my previous backgrounds and wanted to tear my sketch and throw it to the garbage can. At the end, I tryed this uniform background and was satisfyed. The matter was wonderful before I fixed it. It was like a tennis court in Roland Garros.
size 9" x 12"

Green engraving
I played to create this background staging a hunting scene like in XVIIe century, drawn with a drawing pen. I hid fun details everywhere. Did you see the hare fleeing ? and the deer ?
These two hunters medals could be yours ... I can personalize a version for you.

size 9" x 12"

Coloured pencils
This is a test. I'm not a professional with coloured pencils, and in fact, these are watercolor pencils. Perhap's regular coloured pencils are dryer.
The most difficult part here, was the background. My grainless paper didn't allow me to play with the effect of pencil on grain. I had to cover perfectly the background around the heads of the hounds and show pencils strokes at the same time.
I wanted to play mostly with two shades, ultramarine blue and yellow..
size 9" x 12"


Watercolor with golden background
This painting is much larger and closer to superrealistic pictures : 50 x 80 cm = 20"x 32"

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