The Dog Museum Painting Workshops Artist's course

Watercolor lessons: advices, tips and tricks by a professional painter
Author: Cyrille_Jubert,

As I used a paintbrush for the first time in october 96, I don't claim to be better than anyone. I have a lot to learn and very few to teach.
A few Fine Arts Magazines and artists forums published my works in progress giving me an international audience that still surprises me everyday.
The more you give, the more you receive. So I am very happy to offer you a few tips and tricks.
After that, try by yourself. Work. Make your own experimentations and follow your own feelings.

Painting workshop N°1

Study of whites

How to paint white staghounds with a mix of blue, red and ochre.
Demo and explanations, step by step.

Painting workshop N°2

Painting with four pigments

How to paint all the light or dark shades with only 4 pigments in watercolor

Demo and explanations, step by step.

Painting workshop N°3
Graphite, ink and watercolor studies
From a graphite drawing of 6 white hunting hounds, I try variations with different techniques: sepia with a drawing pen, indian ink, tinting ...
Have a look, it could help you for your own research.

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